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Novicom ADDNET

Integrated DDI/NAC. A unique operational and security tool providing full network visibility, highly efficient IP address space management and advanced network access control.

ADDNET is a unique instrument which greatly improves and simplifies the efficiency of IP address space management and secure network access in large distributed networks. This is accomplished by integrating powerful network monitoring, IP address space management (IPAM), core network services (DHCP, DNS), network access control (NAC), and communication with networking hardware. By integrating these, conventionally independent services, a new level of network administration and network security is achieved.
ADDNET provides robustness, superior operational reliability, security and flexible implementation as a result of Novicom innovative technologies, such as the internal SGP grid platform, SDP communication protocol, or the internal Novicom appliance system.
Comprehensive network visibility, easy integration of ADDNET with other security tools, and the ability to be combined with the Security Operation Center (SOC) deliver a new option for fast response to detected security incidents.


  • Highly powerful L2 monitoring with the option to determine the physical localization of a device by integrating with cable records
  • Introducing an efficient IP address space management (DDI) saves a significant amount of network administrators’ time and workload
  • NAC introduction – network access control management with the use of 802.1x or MAC authentication and authorization (VLAN assignment)
  • Fully automated administration of BYOD and mobile devices and their clear network
  • Standardization of network administrator's activities and possibility to centralize the administration of large distributed networks
  • Significantly improved operational reliability and performance of DNS, DHCP and NAC through the utility of multiple redundancies and premium scalability
  • Cost Reduction – efficiency is achieved on account of labour reduction and long-term monitoring of networking hardware port utilization
  • Full heterogeneity and flawless interaction with networking hardware of leading technological manufacturers
  • Unique distributed network model support – a guarantee of L2 monitoring / DDI / NAC operations even from remote locations or in a scenario when a connection to the central location is lost
  • Backup operation data collection from remote locations – syslogs, data flows
  • Flexible operation – suitable for both centralized and fully distributed organizations
  • Simple implementation – combines the initial network sniffing with Novicom implementation methodology based on best practices’
  • Ready to be implemented in OT/SCADA technological networks
  • Integration of ADDNET with SOC – ensures fast incident response (event collection / assessment / reaction)
  • ADDNET is ready to be integrated with other instruments, such as MS Active Directory, SIEM, Log management, NBA, DLP, etc.
  • Alerting – rapid notification system installed in case of potential problems in a network

Novicom ADDNET scheme


Powerful L2 monitoring
Real-time monitoring provides comprehensive knowledge about the location of a device (IP and MAC address) in the network (including switch port and physical location) including visualisation of a physical location of the device on a floor plan. It also gives the complete history of network operations for auditing purposes
Complete DDI (DHCP / DNS / IPAM)  
Provides distributed and reliable core network services (DHCP and DNS). Easy to manage through the integrated IPAM tool. Its integration with L2 monitoring allows the system to find real-time solutions for contradictions between ever-changing connections in the operation and IP address plan, thus helping the address plan to remain in accordance with the operational reality at all times.

Integrated NAC (network access control)
The advantage of ADDNET’s NAC integrated solution is the fact manufacturer of the infrastructure is of no significance as the solution is independent. Possibility to operate 802.1x in a combination with MAC authentication and possessing an ability to implement in large distributed networks. Consequently, ensuring NAC functionality from remote locations, even if it is temporarily disconnected from the central location.
Emergency planning
ADDNET can define crisis sets and critical elements in the infrastructure of an organization. In the event of a security incident, it is possible to activate a crisis set with a single click and immediately disconnect all devices not listed in the defined set from the network.
Network administration and access control for BYOD and mobile devices
ADDNET provides complete IP management for wi-fi networks. The DDI/NAC administration model is complemented by a simple BYOD and mobile device management. ADDNET provides a self-service zone where new devices can be added easily to the network. It is also possible to create reception zones. The advantage of ADDNET’s BYOD module is capability to support all types of user devices, regardless of the operating system and environment of the device.
Advanced communication with active elements
ADDNET provides clear information on active networking hardware in the repository. Continuous monitoring of the ups/downs states of ports allows ADDNET to monitor the port utilization and determine the number of unused networking devices. ADDNET also offers automatic backups of networking hardware configurations.

ADDNET presents the most important network and usage information in one place. With a single click, the user can move quickly from the dashboard data to detailed information in ADDNET. It is also possible to receive additional information on any IP/MAC at any time by right-clicking it and by using the drill-down technique to find any necessary information a user need. The dashboard is fully adaptable to the administrator/operator's needs.
Powerful reporting
ADDNET offers multiple ways to view device operations in the network. Along with the real-time information from L2 monitoring and detailed data from DHCP, it also provides information from individual switches. The combination of various sources in one unified user interface brings vast possibilities while obtaining detailed information on devices. This can be used in solving security incidents.
Advanced network policies
The interconnecting ADDNET functionalities allow simple implementation of advanced network policies while eliminating the more complex utilization of separate network administration tools. Some of these policies include for example Login Time functionality - organizations with fixed working hours can adjust ADDNET to operate only in certain periods (e.g. 7:00-19:00). This adjustment can also target specific devices or on the other hand grant chosen devices an exception.

Active SOC
Due to its functional flexibility and available distributed model, ADDNET is a highly sought-after complement to the Security Operation Centers (SOC). Along with the information obtained from monitoring, it provides SOC operators with information on core network services (DHCP/DNS and NAC). They can be further enhanced by reliable syslog and flow data collection from remote locations. SOC obtains complete information on the network and infrastructure operation of all network locations. The integration of SOC tools with ADDNET ensures an immediate incident response in the form of isolation or disconnection of the faulty devices by the SOC operator, without required cooperation with the local network administrator.

ADDNET is ready for several integrations which make network administration more efficient and ensure a fast incident response.

Alert Center
ADDNET consists of an interface where the administrator/operator can administrate alerts on potential problems. The purpose of Alert Center is to simplify and automate the whole process of administration connected to the examination of alerts. The system integrates alerts from L2 monitoring (e.g. duplicated MAC), operation of NAC (e.g. unsuccessful authentication 802.1x), and more.


ADDNET is an important part of the Active SOC (Security Operation Center) strategy, which Novicom, together with its SOC partners, is trying to promote on the market. Novicom ADDNET together with the Novicom BVS solution (for visualization of network assets, including their connection to business services) and the Novicom ELISA (for intercepting and evaluating cybernetic security events) form a unique portfolio that prepares customers for fast and seamless connection to the SOC service.

Novicom ADDNET and Active SOC strategy
Customers using this product platform can then take full advantage of Active SOC's premium services. Thanks to this, selected SOC operators are able to guarantee a fully qualified active response to cyber-attacks in the 24x7 mode without the necessary cooperation with the system administrators at the customer. This is fully in line with the current trend of using top security surveillance (SOC) as a service. This approach eliminates the economic disadvantage of acquiring a complete range of single-purpose technologies and the need to have an in-house highly specialized team able to face professional hackers at any time.

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