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Konzultace a školení

Consultations and user trainings are another important aspect for reliable long term use of our solutions. All our training courses were designed by IT and educational experts.

We prefer individual approach towards all learners and take their level of expertise in account while determining the best ways to familiarize them with our products.

Consulting services

Focus primarily on optimizing operational settings of Novicom’s applications in technical areas as well as process and workflow optimizations. 

We are also able to provide specific consultations on your request. Our consultants will give you expert opinion in the fields of internet and network security, network optimizations or advanced monitoring of non-standard applications and technologies.

Standard product trainings

Trainings primarily aimed at new users among existing customers. The main goal is to familiarize the user with Novicom products and their practical use.

Trainings on demand

We are able to organize workshops and trainings on topic of your choice regarding IT security and communications.