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About Novicom company

Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and security. Thanks to its own technologies, it achieves above-standard security and operational reliability, even in large-scale distributed networks. Novicom is striving to gradually expand its product portfolio to fulfill its vision of the active SOC (Security Operation Center). 

Novicom has been operating on the IT market since 1994 and focuses on medium and large customers, who require a high level of security and operational reliability of their networks. In addition to the Czech Republic, it is also promoting itself abroad with its solutions.

Our main products are:
ADDNET: A unique DDI/NAC instrument which greatly improves the efficiency of IP address space management and security network access in large distributed networks.

BVS – Business Visibility Suite: A tool for unambiguous visualization of network communications and modeling of business services and IT infrastructure.

ELISA Security Manager: A tool for intercepting and evaluating cybernetic security events. 
ELISA is a robust, powerful yet highly cost-effective solution for collecting, correlating and analysing logs. 

ADDNET solution together with the BVS solution and the ELISA tool form a unique portfolio that prepares customers for fast and seamless connection to the SOC service.

Unlike others, Novicom uses its very own technologies such as SGP (Secure Grid Platform), SDP (Secure Delivery Protocol) and Novicom APPLIANCES. All designed to provide our customers with premium operating reliabilty and security.