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Novicom brings its customers a way to increase the efficiency and reliability of their networks. Software solutions with such features are based on Novicom SGP technological platform. Individual SGP components may be flexibly ran in the form of virtual or hardware appliances. The majority of customers prefer the use virtual appliances for control servers and hardware appliances for workservers (probes)

Hardware Novicom APPLIANCES

Designed as reliable and affordable appliances, providing enough performance for the dedicated tasks. Novicom has a family of standard appliances with different performance and focus. Due to the proven advantages of Novicom grid and clustering, Novicom prefers the model of deployment of multiple affordable appliances over one complex and fully redundant box.

There is 24 month warranty on all appliances. The standard product support contains actualizations of Novicom Appliances OS, security updates and user helpdesk.

Virtual Novicom APPLIANCES

An alternative to hardware appliances, Novicom solutions may be deployed in a form of virtual appliances. This is a standard for control servers. For workservers (probes), it is required to evaluate the suitability of this option. It must be determined if the transition between virtual and physical networking is transparent and if the operated virtual platform is reliable enough. For the customers with this option, it is recommended to run half work servers in the virtual environment and half as hardware appliances. This ensures that the second node of the asymmetrical cluster will be available to provide the network services (commonly DHCP/DNS/Radius) in the case of virtual platform failure. 

All Novicom’s key components (control servers or workservers) have the option to use the Novicom Appliances OS platform for a simple installation in a virtual environment. The support of virtual Novicom Appliances environment running a Novicom component is included as a standard support of the component.