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News: BVS Business Edition enhanced with security functions
17. 6. 2019

Current situation in usual organizations is characterized by many heterogenous IT systems. IT security is in the same situation. Because of complexity of security technologies administration, centralization and simple visualization of key data, necessary for swift decision-making is a huge advantage. Quick orientation with task prioritizationof IT and security operators supports efficiently the processes which organization critically depends on.

With respect to actual needs of IT and security departments, Novicom has enhanced its BVS Business Edition. In the new release, new security functions were added. Integrating IT assets management area with business processes influenced by vulnerability of IT assets. It is based on detailed analysis of communication of IT assets in the network and visualization of dependencies of business processes and IT assets.

The new security dimension of visualization in BVS Business Edition is based on integration with vulnerability scan tools, which provide identified vulnerabilities on individual IT assets/ IP data and help to evaluate impact to IT services, applications and threatened key business processes.

Main benefit for BVS Business Edition users is integrated information on one single point, especially:

  • Detected IT assets (IP addresses) and their successful communications in time frame
  • Information which key business services are supported by those individual IT assets (clear visualization of dependency of business services on elements of IT infrastructure/IT assets)
  • Identified vulnerability and its evaluation based on vulnerability scanning (new feature)

Additional key benefits of enhanced BVS Business Edition:

  • Security risks identification with a link to key business assets
  • Integration with Tenable Nessus
  • Detected vulnerability data linked directly to IT asset/IP address
  • Automated updates of vulnerability list on IT assets/IP addresses/ port level
  • Full history of vulnerabilities data
  • Export of risks indicators to Excel (both infrastructure and business level)
  • Records of impact of risks on business within organization

Key use case scenarios:

  • Getting information about whether some business services with defined criticality are dependent on devices with a high degree of vulnerability
  • Identify priorities for fixing and patching IT equipment
  • Determining the overall level of risk derived from identified vulnerabilities at any time  
  • Risk management in direct relation to business organization services
  • Education of IT and SOC operators in the field of business risks – directly in the technology – simply and within operations as usual.
  • SOC operators have information by hand if infected device could have a significant impact on some critical service (forensic analyses have a tool to investigate communication of device with detected vulnerabilities – it means how, when, how many times and to what devices/IP addresses).

Thanks to new version of Novicom BVS Business Edition, business users, managers, operators and security specialists are able to reconnoiter key information for tasks prioritization, manage business continuity and minimize risks of impact of security weaknesses. Gained information about comprehensive IT and security context of organization bring organization reasonable management of migrations, replacements, repairs and other business sensitive operations, in line with prevention-oriented approach.