Novicom expands its product portfolio with BVS - Business Visibility Suite

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Novicom expands its product portfolio with BVS - Business Visibility Suite
15. 8. 2018

Novicom is always listening to cyber-security experts and continuously improves and expands its product portfolio. The latest addition to the family of Novicom products is BVS – Business Visibility Suite, which was officially launched on Thursday, 6th of June, during its release event in Grandior Hotel, Prague.

The product launch event was attended by dozens of security experts, system integrators, influencers and Novicom partners. The product release was also available through online stream at Novicom’s facebook profile.   

In short, BVS is a tool for clear visualization of network communications and modeling of business services with IT infrastructure” said Sales Director Jindřich Šavel who lead the product reveal.

Business Visibility Suite helps to understand the impact of security incidents on operated business services and help to prevent and mitigate the aftermath of such incident” added Jindřich Šavel.

BVS uniquely connects the world of IT technologies and business services of an organization through dependency modeling between the two. The main advantage is the automated collection of metadata about network communication relations between IT devices and using the data for modeling the business services of organization.

BVS is currently available in the following editions:
BVS Network Edition – for the visualization of IT infrastructure and capturing the communication between IT devices and storing the communication history. Provides the network behavior overview – what type of operation is present in a specific location.

BVS Business Edition – Further extends the network edition by modeling of the business services and their dependencies on IT infrastructure. Provides the overview on the significance and risks on IT assets running the key services for key customers.

Business Visibility Suite is becoming Novicom’s second flagship product alongside AddNet – unique integrated DDI/NAC tool.

The combination of our flagship products opens new options and simplifies the resolution of cyber threats for our current and potential partners and especially for our customers. Having AddNet and BVS in network provides a simple way to connect an organization to a SOC (Security Operations Center) and get immediate and qualified incident response 24x7.

The video summary of BVS launch event from 14th June 2018 can be seen here (in Czech language) »