Changes and expansion of the management team of Novicom

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Changes and expansion of the management team of Novicom
26. 5. 2020

Effective as of the middle of May 2020, changes occurred in the management of Novicom, established in 1994 by Petr Linke and Jindřich Šavel.

Petr Linke, the existing head of the company, has moved to the position of Technical Director (CTO), in which he will be fully dedicated to the development of Novicom products using all his capacity,technical expertise and creativity.
Jindřich Šavel, the existing Sales Director and the other founder of the company, was appointed the company´s CEO on 14 May 2020. As CEO, Jindřich Šavel will benefit from his 28 years of experience in the area of infrastructure design and supply, application software, document management and process management systems, corporate strategy development and sales network building. During the implementation of supplies for effective network management and cyber security he had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with ways to ensure cyber security and also with a wide range of cyber protection products on the market.

František Sobotka, in the existing Novicom Key Account Manager since March 2019, was appointed the position of Sales Director (CSO). Having also the experience in the financial sector and banking, he has been working in the field of IT and cyber security for 15 years. Next to IT projects implementations, he was involved in the management of security components and solutions, both on domestic and international market. In his new position of Novicom's Sales Director, he is responsible for specific segments, addressing the complex needs of customers, emphasizing operational reliability and security of large networks.

Pavel Jiroušek, the existing Project Delivery Manager at Novicom since 2019 has now been promoted to Chief Operation Officer (COO) and is responsible for project implementation, customer support and company operations support. Pavel Jiroušek has been working in IT since 1989, when he gradually held the positions of Business System Manager at Unilever to the position of Director of the Tukový průmysl company, always with an emphasis on the creation and development of IT infrastructure and implementation. For approximately 11 years, he worked at TOPTRANS EU as an IT director, chairman of the board and head of the organizational unit.

Effective as of the middle of May 2020, the new management team of Novicom consists of:

  • Jindřich Šavel – CEO
  • Ing. Petr Linke – CTO
  • František Sobotka – CSO
  • Pavel Jiroušek – COO

"Novicom's mission is to create a product portfolio that comprehensively supports the coming trend of outsourced security supervision (active SOC services). We would like to become the so-called “2nd pillar” of SOC. This comprehensive portfolio and vision will allow our partners to offer ONE STOP SHOP in this area. Soon we will introduce a new product that will help fulfill this vision ", commented Jindřich Šavel, the CEO of Novicom.