Novicom presented the new product ELISA as well as innovations of Novicom existing solutions

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Novicom presented the new product ELISA as well as innovations of Novicom existing solutions
10. 7. 2020

On Tuesday, June 16, 2020, an online launch of a new addition to the Novicom products portfolio was made as well as innovations of the company's key products were announced. In addition to the existing key products Novicom ADDNET and Novicom BVS, a new product was addedELISA Security Manager, a tool for collecting and evaluating cyber security events.

Jindřich Šavel, František Sobotka - Novicom
Novicom is striving to gradually expand its product portfolio to fulfill its vision of the active SOC. The need to solve the area of collecting, storing and evaluating system logs clearly fits into this scheme.

"We are very pleased to have found an extremely capable partner in this area, Datasys, which operates in the Czech IT market as a major system integrator and whose activities also include the development of advanced applications. Novicom now has the opportunity to continue and build on the successes of its existing ELISA solution", said Jindřich Šavel, CEO of Novicom.

ELISA Security Manager is a robust, powerful, but at the same time very cost-effective solution for log collection, correlation and analysis. The ELISA tool was originally developed as a log management system, which was gradually extended to a more complex SIEM tool. It is appreciated not only by security administrators, but also by administrators responsible for the operation of systems.

"Novicom and Datasys are sharing the same vision of cyber security future, which is primarily about providing security as a service. And this is exactly what ELISA clearly fits into. Therefore, ELISA will continue to be developed by the joint efforts of both companies and offered on the market in the Czech Republic and abroad through Novicom's partner network", added Pavel Štros, Technical Director of Datasys.

ELISA is an important part of the Active SOC (Security Operation Center) strategy that Novicom, together with its SOC partners, is promoting on the market. ELISA, together with the ADDNET solution for efficient management of network services and network access control, and the BVS solution for visualization of network devices, including their connection to business processes, form a unique portfolio that prepares customers for fast and seamless connection to the SOC service.

"We believe that Novicom's cultivated partner network, state-of-the-art ELISA solutions for log and security event management (SIEM), and other Novicom products in this area (ADDNET and BVS) will help accelerate, in our view, the only cost-effective cyber security solution - outsourced active security supervision - active SOC", added Jindřich Šavel.

František Sobotka, ELISA launch, Novicom

In addition to announcing the new Novicom ELISA Security Manager product, Jindřich Šavel (CEO, Novicom) and František Sobotka (Sales Director, Novicom) introduced new functionalities for the existing ADDNET, BVS and APLLIANCE products.

For the ADDNET solution, version 3.1, a new Alert Center has been created, which simplifies the administration associated with incident investigation and helps automate the entire investigation process. Another improvement is the advanced detection of a fake MAC address. Fake detection is indicated in real time in the alert center, through which a subsequent response is also ensured (e.g. by the SOC operator). Also new in ADDNET is micro-segmentation and Change of authority functionality, which enables immediate response to possible security incidents in the network, such as instant disconnection of the device from the network.

Novicom BVS - Business Visibility Suite has seen new features in version 1.5.3, namely the import of new vulnerability scanners and user interface improvements (complete hostname history on IP address, display of communications for business service, display of communications for specific devices and also the option to set the thickness of connecting line in the business module to capture the importance of the link between devices and services).

The changes also affected Novicom APPLIANCES, which are virtual and hardware platforms for the reliable operation of Novicom ADDNET, BVS and ELISA solutions. In connection with the launch of more powerful Novicom APPLIANCES, very powerful ADDNET Workservers are also released.

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Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and security. Thanks to its own technologies, it achieves above-standard security and operational reliability, even in large-scale distributed networks. Novicom has been operating on the IT market since 1994 and focuses on medium and large customers, who require a high level of security and operational reliability of their networks. In addition to the Czech Republic, it is also promoting itself abroad with its solutions.
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DATASYS s.r.o. is a family, purely Czech and private company, which, like Novicom, was founded in 1994. Datasys deals with comprehensive implementation and integration IT services, telecommunications and custom development. The company's goal is to create information technology so that it simplifies the life of each of us. Whether it is access to offices (e-government contracts), simplification of public processes (cooperation in the implementation of delivery boxes) or technological implementations within a wide range of organizations.
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