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Novicom at the conference CYBERSECURITY IN THE REGIONS - BRNO
13. 2. 2023

Novicom once again participated in the Cybersecurity in Regions conference series - on Thursday 9 February 2023 in Brno, Czech Republic. Novicom was one of the partners and speakers. The main topic was an overview of the most current cybersecurity risks and how to eliminate them. Among the discussed topics was the current one of the transformation of cybersecurity in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, as well as information on the new NIS2 directive.

Topics discussed:

  • How is cybersecurity changing in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and COVID?
  • The new NIS2 directive and the ability of companies and organizations to address cybersecurity.
  • Current experience with ransomware attacks and the changing situation in its type of targeting, frequency and spread.
  • How is RedTeaming going and what can it bring to you?
  • Brand new pentesting technology from start-up Pentera from Israel - a solution based on a high level of AI involvement.
  • And more...

Novicom contributed to the program with a presentation on the topic: "A solution for realistically achievable cyber security".

In our presentation, we presented the path leading to functional and affordable cybersecurity - in the form of shared security surveillance built on the principle of active SOC. We showed how Novicom's unique tools support the Active SOC concept - Novicom ADDNET (DDI/NAC), Novicom BVS (visualization of assets and their connections to business services), and what is the practical experience of their deployment in the public sector and in the private sphere.

We also introduced Novicom CCM and Novicom ACADEMY products, which we currently only offer within the Czech Republic. Participants learned what Novicom CCM is, which can very effectively help ensure legislative compliance of an organization's cybersecurity activities. We also introduced the role of a Cybersecurity Manager, which can be outsourced as a service, and a range of up-to-date cybersecurity training courses for both employees and management - as part of Novicom ACADEMY.

The event was designed primarily for security directors, IT chiefs, managers, leaders of companies, municipalities and their organizations, research organizations and schools.

The conference was organized by the National Cluster Association (NCA) in cooperation with partners such as the South Moravian Region, The Central European Association CEDEG, IRESA CZ, Network Security Monitoring Cluster (NSMC) and others.