Novicom solutions at the IT Security Workshop conference in Prague

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Novicom solutions at the IT Security Workshop conference in Prague
28. 3. 2023

Novicom participated as a partner and speaker at the 17th IT Security Workshop conference. This year the conference took place on March 21, 2023 in Prague, Czech republic, at the Grandior Hotel. IT Security Workshop was focused as usual on current IT security topics and was again organized by Exponet s.r.o.

Novicom at ITSW 2023

Novicom contributed to the program with a presentation on "Cybersecurity tools in practice and building cost-effective cyber protection", during which presented the Novicom ADDNET operational security tool, which provides highly efficient IP address space management and advanced network access security management. Attendees also learned details about Novicom's CCM tool, which handles 90 % of the work of managing and updating information security management system documentation for you. And at a fraction of the cost. CCM - Cybersecurity Compliance Management will very effectively help ensure regulatory compliance of an organization's cybersecurity activities.

Novicom also presented the role of a cybersecurity manager, which can be outsourced as a service, and a number of current cybersecurity training courses for both employees and management - as part of the Novicom ACADEMY service.

Jindřich Šavel, Novicom, at ITSW 2023

The conference featured a number of other leading experts from both practice and academia, as well as practical demonstrations and case studies.

The event was intended for IT professionals, IT managers, managers of companies representing the private sector standing outside the IT field, public administration, entrepreneurs, consultants and others.

Conference topics:

  • The Reality Network - a true (and therefore cruel) mirror
  • Vault, effective protection of critical data from cyber attacks
  • Ensuring the cyber security of the country's largest transport aircraft manufacturer
  • NIS2 and the new law on cyber security
  • The ten commandments of reliable backup
  • Dark OSINT - infostealer malware and the impact of trading stolen accounts
  • Cybersecurity tools in practice and building affordable cyber protection (Novicom)
  • and more...

The conference was attended by more than 230 people interested in IT technologies and cyber security. The conference was held onsite and online.